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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Structural insulated panels: Simply for a better home!

Structural insulated panels are a composite building material used in commercial as well as the for residential construction purpose. SIPs consist of an insulating layer of solid core in between the two layers of structural boards; these boards can be made up of sheet metal, plywood or cement and the foam core of the SIPs act as a web.

Because of this kind of compilation in SIPs, it is durable, have higher insulating properties and also cost wise the structural insulated panel’s price is low. Structural insulated panels are eco-friendly structures, which are not only energy-efficient but time and money saver too. SIPs are high performance building panels which are used for ceilings, walls and floors. One can easily order a structural insulated panel home kit.

These SIPs can be customized and designed according to individual building requirements.
 Uses and benefits of SIPs

1) Act as a great insulator: These structural insulated panels are designed to provide good insulation for homes and buildings. One of the remarkable properties of SIPs is these insulated panels will keep the building warm in winters and cool in summer. The insulation gives utmost comfort and solace to your home irrespective of the outer weather conditions.

 2) Structural integrity: SIPs have strong structural integrity to hold together under a load. As a result the building system is highly strong and comes with a great tensile strength to ensure safety of the building in every aspect.

3) Quick to install: One of the greatest advantages of SIPs is its quick installation. Mostly, production of shape and size of SIPs is done in the manufacturing plant so it also saves labour cost. One can easily order an insulated panel home kit to make their home of their choice.

 4) Environment friendly system: SIPs building systems are the most eco-friendly systems available now. Such buildings save energy as these insulated panels resist the flow of energy. Less heat will be lost from the home during winters and less heat will enter during summers. Thus, such insulated panels create eco-friendly atmosphere.

5) Low maintenance: Structural insulated panel’s price is low as compared to the cost of a conventional framed building. These insulated panels are cost-effective as such systems have low construction cost and does not require much maintenance once the home is built.

6) Maintains temperature and makes a satisfying plus comfortable atmosphere: A well insulated home increases comfort, which is a very important aspect of any home; a home is worth only if it provides comfort and pleasurable atmosphere inside. Structural insulated panels are created specifically to give proper insulation and to maintain temperature to protect the home from harsh weather conditions. As a result, SIPs provide utmost comfort and delight. Make your home an eco-friendly and an energy saving home!!!

Author Signature*: Brad Cockin is the owner of KCs Building Products. With over 30 years experience in the roofing industry KC’s Building Products is a first class, one-stop shop for all your roof insulation and home improvement needs.

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