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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

IVF Surrogacy Recognized as the Best IVF Clinic India

Article Summary*: IVF Surrogacy is the Best IVF Clinic India that proffers
finest medical services related to In-vitro procedure. Facilities like ICSI,
pre implantation genetic disorders, surrogacy programs are also offered by
the company.

Article Body*: Thousands of IVF babies are born every year in India. It is a very accepted procedure nowadays. It is a process by which eggs are removed from ovaries and mixed with sperm in a laboratory using a Petri dish. Not every woman has to go through the IVF process. The treatment is recommended
to the women who have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes or any other infertility problem where IVF has been recognized as the only treatment that is likely to facilitate women in gaining pregnancy.

Process for IVF
•       Fertility Drugs
•       Hormone injections
•       Egg retrieval and sperm collection
•       Fertilization and embryo transfer
•       Repeated cycles
The Fertility medications ad drugs are prescribed by the doctors to control
the timing of the egg ripening and to boost the possibility of collecting
multiple eggs during one of the woman’s cycles. This process is termed as
ovulation induction. Multiple eggs are needed in the process as some eggs
will not develop or fertilize after the retrieval process. Moreover, the Egg
development is examined by the ultrasound that is used to examine the
ovaries, urine or blood test samples are taken to ensure hormonal levels.

Eggs are also retrieved through a minor surgical procedure that uses
ultrasound imaging to direct a hollow needle with the help of pelvic cavity.
After that the sperm that is normally obtained by the process of ejaculation
is prepared for combining with the eggs. The sperm and the eggs are then
placed in the incubators located in the laboratory. This process is called
insemination. At last, the embryos are usually transferred into the
woman’s uterus after one to six days.

IVF is an expensive treatment but India offers affordable cost packages to
the international patients seeking medical treatments. IVF India Cost is
within the means of a common man. Additionally, the country does not
compromise with the quality as compared to the low cost. The country has the
Best IVF Clinic India like IVF Surrogacy which is the one of the finest
surrogacy agencies in India offering world class surrogacy services at
affordably less rates.

Moreover, IVF Surrogacy offers multiple IBF-ET packages as well as the
guaranteed baby delivery packages to their esteemed customers. The doctors
promoted by the company are highly experienced and talented that assures
high quality success rates. Apart from IVF, The Company offers advanced
technologies such as ICSI, pre-implantation genetic disorders and many more.

 IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading and " Best IVF Clinic India surrogacy
agency that facilitates the international patients that are seeking
affordable medical treatments.

Submit By*: Sanjay Gupta

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